Call for proposals: Arabic and Mediterranean Film Festival of Catalonia

The 6th Arabic and Mediterranean Film Festival of Catalonia

8-11 November 2012



The Arabic and Mediterranean Film Festival of Catalonia was born in 2006 as an independent cultural project with a clear social objective. It was established through the joint efforts of two organizations, the CineBaix ( and Sodepau ( Associations, each contributing its own specific experience and history to make such an initiative possible.

Based on the conviction that movies are a tool for knowing and understanding the world we live in, The Arabic and Mediterranean Film Festival of Catalonia wishes to contribute in: giving exposure and promoting Arabic and Mediterranean cinema in Catalonia; the creation of a meeting space for professionals from the Arab, Catalan and Spanish movie industries for sharing and exchanging; awareness building on opportunities to facilitate coexistence among Mediterranean people through culture and artistic expression, all the while contributing in changing the image and stereotypes on the Arab World and the Mediterranean region. This Festival is not competition-based.

The main new feature of the Arabic and Mediterranean Film Festival in its sixth edition is that will  bring the dissemination of Arab and Mediterranean cinema to a broader and more diverse public with a new location in the Cinémathèque de Catalunya (Barcelona)

Tunisia is this year’s invited country of Honor and therefore the programm will cover a wide range of films from this country.

Participation requirements 

Movies or documentary movies directed and/or co-directed by directors from Arab countries within the last 5 years.

  • Send a copy in DVD format till 30June 2012. The DVD copy must be subtitled in French, English or Spanish.



C. Carders, 12, Pral

08003 Barcelona (Attn: Meritxell Bragulat)

  • Send the participation application during the same submission period to attention: Meritxell Bragulat

The Film Festival will only contact the people in charge of the selected films. The copies recieved will not be returned.

Selected Movies

If  the movie is selected the following delivrables shall be sent starting 15th of july, 2012:

–        Synopsis of the film

–        Biography and filmography of the director

–        Photography of the director and of the film in JPG 300dpi format

–        Poster of the film in JPG 300dpi format

–        List of the dialogues in timecode (in English, French or Spanish).

Movies’ Subtitles

The movies will be projected in O.V (original version), subtitled in Catalan or Castellano. The Festival will be providing subtitling for the selected movies.


The Festival will be solely responsible for costs incurred for transporting the selected movies during and in place of the exhibition and their return to the distributor once the Festival is over on a previously agreed protocol.

Promotion and circulation of the selected films

The owners of the film’s rights authorizes the Film Festival to use images (max. 3 minutes) of their film as to promote and advertise the Festival through a communication campaign.


A maximum of 2 screenings will be scheduled for each selected film.

For more information on The Arabic and Mediterranean Film Festival of Catalonia:

C. Carders, 12,Pral- 08003 Barcelona

Phone: 00 34 93 3010171-



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