“BARCELONA CHARTER” of mediterranean film societies






From 23 to 25 May 2013, invited by the Association Sodepau – Mostra de Cinema de Catalunya Àrab i Mediterrani de Catalunya- and with the collaboration of the Federació Catalana de Cineclubs and the cultural center La Sedeta, representatives of film societies and cinema associations from Algeria, Catalonia, Italy, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia, we attended the first meeting of film societies  of the Mediterranean.


This charter of Barcelona wants to be a commitment document between the participants to work together in the future so as to build a network of people, film societies and associations for the defense and dissemination of Mediterranean cinema between network countries. We recognize the diversity of realities among us, but also the strength of civil society that allows us to work together on common projects.


We can see that the films from the Arab world have a very restricted distribution, not only between the two shores of mediterranean sea even is the same among the Arab countrys. In respect and recognition of the Tabor Public Rights Charter, we recognize the challenge to communicate, inform and disseminate the cultural heritage of our countries through the film and our associations.


The participants in the meeting: Aziz Arbai (Morocco), David Canute (Catalonia) Randaccio Elisabetta (Italy) Emma Fernández (Catalonia) Glòria Bernat (Catalonia) Jesus Galindo (Catalonia) Julio Lamaña (Catalonia) Magda Pie (Catalonia) Asunis Marco (Italy) Montse Abad (Catalonia) Montse Maldonado (Catalonia) Olga Iglesias (Catalonia) Quim Crusellas (Catalonia) Samir Zoabi (Palestine) Sonia Ahnou (Algeria) Toni Carmona (Catalonia ) Txell Bragulat (Catalonia) Yasmin Haloui (Tunisia); Zouhair El Hairan (Morocco), we agree to provide support for these points:


  1. We oppose all forms of monopoly, exclusion and censorship and we are for freedom of expression through cinema and contact with the public. The dialogue between the work of cinema and the public is the only way to free communication between the filmmakers and the audience. Only a public formed ensures the quality of films.
  2. We recognize the rol of film socities and associations of cinema as essential points of culture to present films that do not have the opportunity to be seen outside our borders. True communication is a guarantee against conflict, violence and war, and built a real democracy in our communities.
  3. We intend to develop working groups to organize concrete actions in providing our cinemas between network countries. These groups will work in translation and subtitling of films to be offered to film socities and associations in our countries. We support the importance of personal interaction to improve the training of cultural promoters and dinamisateurs film socities.
  4. We will work for the continuation of personal exchanges between the countries of the network. It is a cultural enrichment societies across the cinema.
  5. We recognize the rol of the “Mostra de Cinema Àrab i Mediterrani de Catalunya ” as an opportunity for films from the Arab and Mediterranean countries to meet an audience that wants to see movies from the Arab world.
  6. We recognize the role of the platform CINESUD existing for the dissemination of amateur films, low budget short films, documentaries, etc. between film societies around the world, especially those who are members of the International Federation of Film Societies.
  7. We consider the importance of contact with other organizations already working in the film distribution of Mediterranean shore. The involvement of the network to other countries is a main objective of this charter.

Barcelona, 25 May 2013





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