VII Mostra de Cinema Àrab i Mediterrani de Catalunya

6 to 10 November 2013

At the Filmoteca de Catalunya

For the seventh consecutive year, November brings with it the Mostra de Cinema Àrab i Mediterrani de Catalunya. If it’s true that we have always been keen on going back to the past to explore it and to bring back forgotten lives and worlds that will help us understand our present and imagine a better future, in this year’s edition we can definitely say that memory is the spinal cord of our Mostra, so we could not find a better country to suit our purpose better than Lebanon! Lebanon, a small country at the crossroads of different worlds, a country that is still trying to heel its wounds and bring back its pieces together. This is why we offer a journey across its past thirty years’ History, bringing two key films and two documentaries that will definitely help us to understand today’s main challenges through a historic perspective.

We also wanted to recover a myth of the anti-imperialist fight through the character of Zabana, one of the first leaders to fight for the Algerian independence. And last but not least, we know that human scope of memory can prove to be short, so we went back – once again – to Tahrir Square, to January 25, 2011, a day that made the World hold its breath. We will do it through Ibrahim El Batout’s “Winter of Discontent” that will represent Egypt for a foreign-language Oscar and that we are proud to be the first ones in Spain to show.

Wednesday Nov 6

21:15 Inauguration of the Mostra and Screening of “Petites guerres” (Little Wars)/ “Houroub saghira”

           Director: Maroun Baghdadi
           Year: 1982
           Country: Lebanon
           Length: 108 min
           Languages: VOSC
           Format: DVCam
           Debate with Souraya Baghdadi (dancer, choreographer, motion instructor and main character in the film) and Octavi Martí (Assistant Director of the Filmoteca de Catalunya).

 Thursday Nov 7

  21:30 Screening of “Zabana!”

            Director: Saïd Ould-Khelifa
            Year: 2012
            Country: Algeria
            Length: 107 min
            Languages: VOSC
            Format: HDCam

   Friday Nov 8

   19:00 Screening of “Sleepless Nights”/ “Layali bala noom”

           Director: Eliane Raheb
            Year: 2012
            Country: Lebanon
            Length: 128 min
            Languages: VOSE
            Format: HDCam
Debate with the documentary director Eliane Raheb and Laia Manresa (Director and documentary scriptwriter such as “Morir de dia”-2010- among others)

Saturday Nov 9

16:30  Screening de “Herència” / “Inhéritance”

          Director: Hiam Abbas
           Year: 2012
           Country: Palestine
           Length: 88 min
           Languages: VOSC
           Format: HDCam

19:30 Screening de “We Were Communists” / “Sheoeyin kenna”

            Director: Maher Abi Samra
            Year: 2010
            Country: Lebanon
            Length: 85 min
            Languages: VOSC
            Format: BetaDigital
            Debate with Bachar Abdel Samad (Architect and Urban planner. Former member of the Lebanese Communist Party) and Pepe Gutierrez (Vice-president of the Andreu Nin Foundation and author of many studies on History and Cinema).


22:00 Screening of Beyrouth, el lika”

            Director: Borhan Alaouie
            Year: 1981
            Country: Lebanon
            Length: 105 min
            Languages: VOSC
            Format: DVCam

  Sunday Nov 10

19:00 Screening of “Coming forth by day” / “alkho rouglel nahar”

Director: Hala Lotfi
            Year: 2012
            Country: Egypt
            Length: 96 min
            Languages: VOSC
            Format: HDCam

  21:30  Screening of “El Sheita Elli Fat /“The Winter of discontentand closing session of the VII Mostra

           Director: Ibrahim el Batout
            Year: 2012
            Country: Egypt
            Length: 96 min
            Languages: VOSC
            Format: DCP
Debate with Daniel Ziskind (Representative for Europe of Zad Communication et production) and Marc Almodóvar (Journalist and documentalist specialised in Egypt, where he lived for 5 years).


Filmoteca de Catalunya

Plaça Salvador Seguí, 1 – 9
08001 Barcelona
Tel.: + 34 935 671 070


Metro: L3 Liceu / L2 Paral·lel
Bus: 14 / 59 / 91 / 120
Bicing: Rambla del Raval, 13 / Rambla del
Raval 20
Parking: Hotel Barceló Raval / Illa Raval
(Sant Rafael, 15)



Single Ticket: 4 Euros
Reduced Fare Ticket*: 3 Euros

* Reduced Fare:
Students, unemployed, retired, persons with legally recognised disabilities, large family status or single parent family, Youth Card and Public Libraries’ Network Card.

C. Carders, 12, Pral
08003 Barcelona
T. +34 93/3010171


With the sponsoring / support of://With the collaboration of:

 “Per estrenar” (Premières): Nov 11 to 18

Many quality films that are present in international prestigious festivals, and are often granted prizes, don’t make it to the commercial circuit. Despite their quality, they don’t seem to be of any interest to commercial distributors and therefore, they never have the chance to reach large audiences.

Many of those who crave for a different type of films deserve the chance to enjoy watching a different type of movies.

At the Federació Catalana de Cineclubs, with the partnership and support of many film clubs, we propose a film circuit showing all those never released movies in the commercial circuit in Spain. These movies are shown exclusively in original subtitled version.

This year, in the framework of the 7th Mostra de Cinema Àrab i Mediterrani de Catalunya, we will show the movie “Vivre ici” (Living here) by Mohamed Zran, that enjoyed a great success in last year’s edition of the Mostra. We will also be welcoming the presence of the director who will accompany us during the screenings in Vic, Filmoteca de Catalunya, Vilafranca, Manresa and la Seu d’Urgell.


Federació Catalana de Cineclubs

Casanova3-5-7, entresol 7ª porta (esc.esquerra)
Telèfon: 932890562
Fax: 932890563

XX Gràcia Cultural Week with the Arab and Mediterranean Peoples

20 to 24 November 2013

Organised but the Centre Cívic la Sedeta with the collaboration of Sodepau, in the framework of the VII Mostra de Cinema Àrab i Mediterrani. This year, coinciding with the 20th edition of the “Setmana Cultural Gràcia amb..”, we will not dedicate the project to a specific country but we want to show a global look that will encompass the whole Mediterranean in order to analyse the social, political and geostrategic changes that are occurring there after the so-called “Arab Spring”.

We want to analyse the repercussions of these changes on the day to day lives of the population, the international relations in the area, the emergence of new powers in the Mediterranean region and Europe’s stand facing this new reality. We will do that through different activities: films and documentary film projections, Debates, conferences, exhibitions, poetry, music, a show dedicated to the whole family and a Mediterranean food tasting.

The activities will take place at Centre cívic La Sedeta (Sicília, 321), Centre cívic El Coll-La Bruguera (Aldea, 15) and l’Espai jove La Fontana (Gran de Gràcia, 190-192).

For further information, please consult the specific programmes at the end of October at


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