8th Arabic and Mediterranean film festival of Catalonia (4-8 November)

cartell 8a Mostra

This November, Palestinian culture will be taking centre stage, starting with a selection of films at the Filmoteca to kick off a month of events. This will be followed by a chance to savour Palestine’s music, cuisine and colours at a range of venues dotted across Barcelona’s Gràcia neighbourhood.

Last year we spoke about delving into memory and giving a voice to “silenced worlds” as a way of understanding the present. This year we draw on daily life as a springboard for an in-depth exploration of the Palestinian people’s experience and rootedness in their homeland, so as to gain an insight into the reasons behind their struggle, perseverance and determination to assert their identity. Join us for portraits of Gaza under siege, the desolation of a refugee camp in Lebanon, the anguish and bitterness of life in Jerusalem and the impotence felt in practically every West Bank village, town and city.

Almost four years on from the Arab Spring, we also invite you to reflect on the revolutions that shook the world with the premiere on these shores of Syrian director’s Ziad Kalthoum’s The Immortal Sergeant and Egyptian Ahmed Nour’s Waves.


 Tuesday 4th November

 9 pm

Opening ceremony chaired by Esteve Riambau (Director of the Filmoteca), Meritxell Bragulat (Director of the Mostra) and Ibrahim Beisani (President of the Palestinian Community of Catalonia)

 “A World Not Ours” /Alam laysa lana

 Mahdi Fleifel, 93 min, Lebanon/Palestine, 2012, Original Version with Subtitles in Catalan, Digibeta

 With the presence of Zhe Wu, the film’s Sound Editor

 Wednesday 5 November

 9:30 pm


Hani Abu Assad, 96 min, Palestine, 2103, Original Version with Spanish Subtitles, 35mm

 Thursday 6 November

 6:30 pm


 Ahmed Nour, 70 min, Egypt, 2013, Original Version with Catalan Subtitles, Blu-ray

 Friday 7 November

 7 pm

The Immortal Sargeant

Al-Rakib Al-khaled

 Ziad Kalthoum, Syria, 79 min, 2014, Original Version with Catalan Subtitles, Blu-ray

 With the presence of Ziad Kalthoum and Senén Florensa-Executive President of Iemed.

 9:30 pm

Song on a Narrow Path

Akram Safadi, Palestine, 52 min, 2002, Original Version with Catalan Subtitles, Mp4

 Under the Sky

Ramzi Maqdisi, Palestine, 45 min, 2011, Original Version with Catalan Subtitles, SDCARD

 With the presence of Ramzi Maqdisi and Pau Subirós, Scriptwriter and producer.

 10 pm

Les chevaux de Dieu (Horses of God)

 Nabil Ayouch, Morocco, 115 min, 2012, Original Version with Catalan Subtitles, DCP.

 Saturday 8 November

 7 pm

Palestine Stereo

 Rashid Masharawi, Palestine, 90 min, 2013, Blu-ray

 With the presence of Abed Al Salaam Abu Askar-Producer-Gaza Media Center- and Esteve Riambau.

 10 pm

Es-Stouh (The Rooftops)

 Merzak Allouache, Algeria, 91 min, 2013, Original Version with Catalan Subtitles, DCP


Filmoteca de Catalunya

Plaça Salvador Seguí, 1 – 9
08001 Barcelona
Tel.: + 34 935 671 070

How to get there

Metro: L3 Liceu / L2 Paral·lel
Bus: 14 / 59 / 91 / 120
Bicing: Rambla del Raval, 13 / Rambla del
Raval 20
Parking: Hotel Barceló Raval / Illa Raval
(Sant Rafael, 15)



Single ticket: 4 euros
Reduced ticket*: 3 euros

* Reduced ticket:
Students, unemployed people, pensioners, legally-recognised disabled people, members of large families or single-parent families, Youth Card-holders and Public Library Network Card-holders.

No admissions are possible once the film has started

 21st Cultural Week “Gràcia with Palestine”

 17 to 23 November 2014

 Once again, the focus of this year’s Cultural Week will be a Mediterranean country — Palestine, and this for two main reasons: firstly, because we believe that citizen education and awareness efforts should be made to work towards a peaceful solution to this 60-year-long ongoing conflict as the only guarantee for minimal stability and peace in the Middle East.

Secondly, because Palestine is the guest country at the 8th Arab and Mediterranean Film Festival that will be held at Filmoteca de Catalunya in early November.

The 21st Cultural Week is a diverse showcase, although a limited one, of the history, cultural heritage (art, literature, cinema, food, music…) and way of life of the Palestinian people.

Events will take place at community centers Centre Cívic La Sedeta (Sicília, 321), Centre Cívic El Coll-La Bruguera (Aldea, 15), Espai Jove La Fontana (Gran de Gràcia, 190-192), and La Violeta (Maspons, 6), as well as library Biblioteca Vallcarca i Els Penitents – M. Antonieta Cot (Pg. Vall d’Hebron, 65-69).

 For more information, the full Cultural Week schedule is available at: www.bcn.cat/cclasedeta



Organized by Cineclub Barcelona Espai de Cinema (BEC) and Casa Elizalde

With the aim to contribute towards the knowledge and promotion of Arabic cinema in Barcelona, the BEC and Casa Elizalde offer a cycle of Arabic documentary films throughout October, including some of top rated films from Algeria, Lebanon and Syria, within the 8ª edició de la Mostra de Cinema Àrab i Mediterrani de Catalunya.



October 14th

Producers: Leïla Morouche, Oriane Brun-Moschetti

Algeria, 2007 / 120 min / Arabic O.V. with Catalan subtitles


October 21st

Director: Maher Abi Samra

Lebanon, 2010 / 85min / Arabic O.V. with Spanish subtitles


October 28th

Director: Hala Abdallah

Syria, 2012 / 120 min / Arabic O.V. with Spanish subtitles

 All films are scheduled on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm

 “Free entrance”

 For more information:

 Centre Cultural La Casa Elizalde

València, 302- 08009 Barcelona

Tel.: 93 488 05 90









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