Samples of press reviews of Waves (english and french) (I)


Ahmed Nour’s first feature is a very personal reflection on the Egyptian revolution, which began in his hometown of Suez. Deborah Young, Hollywood reporter
Not many know that Egypt’s ongoing democratic revolution began not in Cairo but in Suez, a once prosperous port on the Red Sea and the hometown of talented filmmaker Ahmed Nour. In Waves, Nour describes his country’s ferment in unexpectedly lyrical tones through a veil of autobiography. The result is a pretty extraordinary doc that freely jumps between color and black-and-white, live action and animation, sweeping the viewer up in its imagery and fierce imagination. It is one of the best evocations on film of the recent events in Egypt and heralds a major new talent on the Egyptian scene. It should be a popular festival pick after its world premiere in Dubai’s Arab Documentary sidebar.

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Almasry Alyoum newspaper, Egypt,December 14th 2013,  The great Egyptian critic Samir Farid   writes

“ Extra-ordinary masterpiece!”
 “A beam from Suez shines to the world, in Ahmed Nour’s film “ Waves” 

When he calls a film as “masterpiece”, the critic is actually judging both the film and himself as well, because the Art masterpieces are really rare. Only the future can reveal whether the critic’s judgment was right or not when he called a certain film as “masterpiece”. And i can say without any hesitation, that the feature documentary film”Waves” which I watched at the Dubai international film festival, is “a cinematic masterpiece” that announces the birth of a great filmmaker in his first feature film.

It’s also the first film comes from Suez. It’s like a sunbeam that shines from Suez to the world, showing a deep vision to the reality of Egypt after the revolution of Jan 25th, by using a cinematic style that can be considered as one of the top icons of the postmodernist Cinema.

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Alahram Hebdo, 18 Jan 2014, Une plongée dans les vagues

 Moug (vagues) est le premier documentaire du jeune Ahmad Nour. Ce portrait touchant d’une génération, d’une ville et d’une révolution vient de décrocher le prix du meilleur film au Festival d’Ismaïliya.

 La ressemblance entre la souffrance des villes du Canal de Suez sous Moubarak et celle de la génération née avec l’accession de ce dernier au pouvoir est remarquable. Naturellement, la plupart des gens ressemblent aux villes dans lesquelles ils ont grandi. Ceci se manifeste encore plus chez les habitants des villes du Canal de Suez. C’est la marginalisation « intentionnelle » de la ville de Suez et de ses jeunes pendant les 30 années du régime Moubarak qui les a poussés à être au premier rang de la révolution.

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Ahmed Nour’s documentary blends live-action and animation into a poetic meditation on the Egyptian city of Suez and the failed dreams of the 2011 Revolution. Variety Magazine, january 8,2014, Jay Weissberg

A poetic meditation on the Egyptian city of Suez as well as a bittersweet reflection on the failed dreams of the 2011 Revolution, Ahmed Nour’s “Waves” uses live-action and animation to build a powerfully melancholic portrait of a locale and a generation. Long the sacrificial host to political machinations, Suez was an early player in the anti-Mubarak uprising, yet its burst of protest has reaped little rewards. Nour’s attempt to force a half-hearted optimistic coda onto his story of justifiable depression is misjudged, but its inclusion doesn’t diminish the docu’s strengths or significance. Fests and showcases should take note.

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