Criticas de Palestine Stereo / Samples of review Palestine Stereo

Palesinte Stereo, (Cinerama Plus – Por Fausto Nicolás Balbi )


El experimentado realizador Rashid Masharawi realiza una de las obras que más claramente hablan de la actualidad palestina. A la vez que su cámara muestra una geografía amurallada y la naturaleza arrasada por manos invasoras, los diálogos cuestionan las divisiones políticas internas e incluso la legitimidad de la autoridad nacional palestina. También hay referencias a los radicales colonos y se muestra la sangrienta represión de la que son objetos los palestinos. Así la dicotomía entre irse y resistir se amplifica. (…)

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Two Palestinian brothers save cash to immigrate to Canada in director Rashid Mashawari’s new work. (The Holliwood Reporter, by Deborah Young , 2013)

The heart-rending choice of two brothers to leave their homeland in Palestine Stereo gives director Rashid Masharawi (Layla’s Wedding) a natural way to document life under occupation, which he captures with a keen sense for the comic-tragic absurdity inherent in an impossible political situation that just goes on and on. Coming through strongly is his passionate message to Palestinians to stay and fight for their country, rather than immigrate to more promising pastures. There’s nothing terribly new here, but the story is more compelling for being wrapped in a fuzzy warm feeling of the brother’s mutual love, dignity and self-sacrifice. Co-funded by the Palestinian Authority with Tunisia, the UAE and Europe, the film is said to be one of the most expensive ever made in the country (budget was a reported $1.5 million), though it has the same gritty down-to-earth look that characterizes most of the region’s films. Following its Toronto bow, it should play well on the festival circuit. (…)

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