Crítiques “Les Terrasses”, Merzak Allouache /Samples reviews of Rooftops

Venezia 70: “Es-Stouh” (“Les Terrasses”) di Merzak Allouache (In Concorso), by

Le terrazze dell’anima

Merzak Allouache autore di  Normal! e El taaib, porta al Lido il film Es-Stouh(Les terrasses), cinque storie che si intersecano scandite dall’invito alla preghiera dei Muezzin. Luogo deputato a questi intrecci è il quartiere popolare di Algeri: Bab El-Oued. (…)

Le terrazze diventano così metafora della complessa e tormentata società algerina. Un paese decadente dove la violenza ha raggiunto i tetti delle sue case, in passato luoghi tranquilli nei quali la gente del vicinato si incontrava e trascorreva il tempo a contemplare la baia, le colline, il mare. (…)

Llegir més

Considered Algeria’s most important living director, Merzak Allouache delivers one of his best films with this multi-stranded tale. By , Variety

Following the 2012 Cannes-preemed “The Repentant,” the man considered Algeria’s most important living director is on a roll with “The Rooftops,” easily one of Merzak Allouache’s best. Encompassing five different Algiers neighborhoods organized according to the five calls to prayer, Allouache presents a microcosm of Algerian society to expose the nation’s sharp class and religious divides, including a metaphoric representation of the country itself that’s astonishingly bold even if the symbolism borders on the heavy-handed. While some nuances will work best for locals, “Rooftops” combines choral complexity with accusatory critique, and deserves fest attention along with Francophone theatrical play.

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Veteran director Merzak Allouache casts an unquiet eye on his society from the rooftops of Algiers. By Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter

While the rest of the Arab world writhes and burns, Algeria appears, at least from the outside, to be a relatively quiet haven after a decade of terrorism. This notion is dispelled, however, in The Rooftops, a series of cleverly interwoven dramas that go deep inside the social fabric to reveal how frazzled and violent it has become. Writer-director Merzak Allouache, one of the country’s most authoritative filmmakers, is convincing as he sketches the results of contemporary history from the French occupation to the present day.

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